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We were born from a passion to bring app ideas digitally alive for companies and brands alike. As an agile team of strategic product designers and developers, we’re constantly driven by dynamic technology and unique user experiences.

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What we do

At Strategic App Solutions, Mobile-First and User Experience are much more than buzzwords.We produce apps that offer your users the most compelling experience possible.

Business Apps

We reach people at the tip of their thumbs, not their computer mouse. With mobile app usage growing rapidly, being able to count on effective mobile solutions for your business is more crucial than ever.

Consumer Apps

Designing apps for visual appeal doesn’t cover all the bases. That’s why we design apps with our formula at the forefront: engaging user interfaces + intuitive user experiences = effective consumer applications.


We create fully-interactive high-fidelity prototypes that look and work exactly like your app should. We have a team of professional UX/UI designers who builds according to central principles of usability, UI guides and business requirements.

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CrashApp Pro
CrashApp Lite
Modern App Solutions

Who we've worked with

Multiple law firms and companies to develop functionally innovative, novel software solutions for their businesses.

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