CrashApp Lite

Presenting the mobile app that puts your firm at your client's fingertips when they need you the most. Imagine a single product that can:

  • Grow your firm and increase profits
  • Collect data immediately from the scene of an auto accident
  • Ensure client retention
  • Transform your firm into a clearing house for all of your client’s legal needs
  • Help boost your website SEO

Accident Kit

Helps clients collect and report all necessary information at the scene of an accident. Functionalities include:

My Info

Enter personal, contact and driver license details of the person driving the vehicle involved in the crash


Take photos or upload from the gallery, real-time, right from the scene of a crash


GPS enabled automatic location reporting for yourself, your attorney and law enforcement


Add any witness, driver, passenger and property owner details to provide accurate records


Streamline the process by entering brief insurance information before submitting a report

Additional features

To bridge the gap between firm and client, CrashApp Lite provides necessary information for the client, the firm, and law enforcement all at the same time and at the fingertips of the persons involved.

Firm Profile

Educate your client about your legal firm, their offerings, contact details and divert them to your website and social media

Talk to Attorney

Facility to talk to attorney on call directly from the home screen with a single tap

Call 911

Call 911 directly from the home screen of the application with a single tap

Nearby Services

Enable clients to locate nearest hospitals, police station, tow-trucks, and auto-repairs during the time of an emergency

Client Referral

Enables users to quickly refer your app to a family or friend via Text Message or Email

Accident Guide

An extensive, informative guide that helps clients understand the accident reporting process

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CrashApp Lite is 100% customizable and scalable to your firm’s needs.

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